Friday, August 16, 2013

Casual Friday - Coordinated

It’s Friday! Can you dig it? I thought that you could! So I thought I’d make this post about the weekend and how just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you can’t work it. Many people think that the weekend is a time to wear whatever you want. These people are exactly right. This means you are not confined to the typical flip flops and cargo shorts getup. So, if you want to wear those shorts with those loafers, wear it. If you want to wear that skirt with those flats, wear them. The point is, do the weekend YOUR way.


Ladies, here is an example of a look that will carry you easily from casual Friday at the office to girls’ night, or date night. I chose these pieces because they work for a variety of body types and heights. Layering the tank tops adds interest, color, and helps to slim the waistline. The boot cut jeans slim the hips and thighs and add length to the frame. The wedge adds color, and the rope detail ties in with link style watch. The sack style bag matches the shoes perfectly, and ties the whole look together as casual and comfortable. This look is very colorful, but not overbearing, and you can even take it a step further by adding a blazer. Picture a blazer with a  very short body and cropped sleeves, in navy blue, heather gray, or sage green.


Gentlemen, here is a look that works just as well before 5:00pm as after, with two ways to do it. The version on the left is certainly classic, but not at all standard, on the right is a more modern compilation. I selected this look because it shows how guys can build and expand their wardrobe by choosing pieces that work well in different settings. The oxford shoe makes an easy transition from day to night, in leather or suede.  If you’re adding to your shoe set, go for color, if you’re building your wardrobe foundation, go for the classic brown. For the socks, think “peak-a-boo”; you want them to be noticed when they’re seen, so give them some life. The khaki pant is a casual standard, so I chose them here in a slim fit. I chose a three button patterned jacket, because a pattern is a good statement option. If you’re 5’6” or less, you may want to opt for a two button style. A simple navy blue blazer will do well here, too.

What you wear will certainly depend on where you are, or where you plan to be. What if you have nothing to do? This problem is easily solved. Instead of doing the same thing you always do, which could be nothing, find an art gallery, or make it a point to check out a local restaurant row or culture strip.  With today’s technology, apps like “aroundme” and “fandango” make it easy to search countless entertainment options, from music to movies. And there’s no reason why you can’t be stylish, comfortable, and ready for whatever; after all, it is the weekend.

Check out my style coordinates and looks on Polyvore!

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