Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monday - Coordinated

It’s Monday! Why should you be happy? Because you get to go to work and show your style! Did you know that when you dress well, it helps you feel well? When you look good you feel good, you walk straighter, you’re more alert, and people tend be more attracted to you, in business and in personal situations. Here are some looks that will give you that bump in your attitude, and get the week off to a stylish start.


Ladies, this look puts you in the mind and vision of control, while being very feminine. The jacket has clean lines and simple tailoring, perfect for a business environment. The pants tie in perfectly with the fit and cut of the jacket. The shoes are sassy, but at the same time classy, and comfortable enough to wear all day being pumps with a medium high heel. I chose this blouse because it is soft in tone and color, but works well with the look and tailored for an active business environment. You will notice that the accessories are simple and neutral, but still bold and noticeable. I kept a theme of “round and gold” with the jewelry, a pop of color in the ring, and minimal nail color (the makeup should be minimal and neutral as well).

TIP: Don’t overwhelm with your look when it comes to a business  environment.

Gentlemen, this a look you can put together easily. Start off with a gray suit. It gives you a neutral palette that you can add any color to. This slim fit suit has a nice sheen to it, which gives it that extra “pop” and adds interest. We connect that here with a navy and white vertical stripe shirt, with spread collar.  This is the foundation of a look that is sophisticated but not stuffy. The shoes, loafers, work well with this suit due the form and simplicity of the design. The high vamp with extended tongue and band across help elongate the foot and add height to a shorter frame.  The floral print bow tie is an effort to mix patterns. It blends well with the look, but still contrasts and adds interest. Finishing it all with a sleek black belt, and simple leather strap watch, you have a look that fits your executive aspirations.


TIP: The gray suit should already be a staple of your wardrobe. If you don’t have one, get one.

So now, get up, get dressed, and go to work. It’s Monday!


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