Wednesday, September 4, 2013

'New English' - Introducing the Look Line...Coordinated

It's FALL! So let's start the season off right! Introducing Look Line. The Look Line is the style coordinator's way of interpreting our ideas the same as a designer would.

My first Look Line is 'New English'. These are looks with an Irish, Scottish, or British flair, and featuring modern touches, fits, and coordinating styles.

Enjoy the 'New English' Autumn Look Line!

'New English - Berkshire Row' - I like the idea of skirts and boots, so 'Berkshire' was fun for me. The gold, cream, and brass tones in the metal and jewelry provide a hint of vintage. The separate pieces pull from the color palette of the sweater, and the patterned socks add some modern fun to the look. Conservative, but not conforming.

'New English - Devonshire' - The 'Devonshire' is proof that blue doesn't have to be boring. Mixing patterns is the key here, using the blue as a base color, and a more sparse pattern on the tie and links to contrast the shirt pattern. We also add a pop of color and interest on the pocket square. So, how do take your tea?

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